Tuxedo Booties

Need to dress up a baby in a hurry?  Tuxedo booties are quick and easy – knitted flat, then finished with a simple seam.  The bead “buttons” are knitted right in.  With a smart little ribbon bow tie, they look like a million bucks!  Bootie size can be varied by using a different weight of yarn and needle size, allowing a range of sizes to fit 0 – 12 months (depending on baby’s foot size).  Make sure to read through the pattern before you start as there are a couple of places where you need to keep in mind what’s coming next.

The 0-3 month size uses baby (3ply) or light fingering weight yarns and US 1s, and the 6-12 month size uses sport weight yarn and US 2s or 3s.

The pattern for these is available for download from Ravelry.


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