• Knit in the round using magic loop; adjusted cast on number for gauge (248)
  • Adjusted pattern repeat placement to have a rib section for “side seam”
  • 5 pattern repeats; 6” before first decrease for shaping
  • Decreases at 6” (every other rib section – 242 sts); 8” (alternate every other rib section – 236 sts); 10” (every other rib section – 230 sts); 12” (alternate every other rib section – 212 sts); 14” (every other rib section – 206 sts)
  • Place lifeline
  • Eyelets: at 14” (5 pattern repeats); place over outside edges of rib sections in pattern
  • Bodice: work an extra inch in allover texture pattern before starting v-neck
  • Redistribute stitches for magic loop so that v-neck is beginning of round
  • V-neck shaping: sl1, k1, ssk ……. k2tog, k2
  • Armholes: divide 3” above top of lace pattern
  • Short row shoulder shaping
  • Neck edging: using US 7, 125 sts (40 along right v-front, 12 from right back, 13 from back center, 12 from left back, 40 along left v-front); 1 row purl, 1 row knit, 1 row purl, loosely
  • Armhole edging: using US 7, pick up 36 sts; join to work in round using magic loop; knit 3 rows, loosely
  • Bodice tie: crochet chain

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